We offer data freedom & commerce through blockchain & ipfs hosting

ethoFS is a fully decentralized, 100% community stakeholder operated, hosting platform that combines blockchain indexing technology and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized, DDoS resistant, highly replicated, censorship resistant, community provided content on-demand.

What is Litecoin


Imagine a world where public content and was hosted by us and was 100% protected. The idea of a completely decentralized, democratized web is not only a utopian dream but now achievable by us. Using the Ethereum blockchain model & ipfs technology, we can create a digital commonwealth where we do the work and we make the rules and where we get paid fairly for it.


- Fully decentralized ethoFS hosting, payable in $ETHO, hosted by Ether-1 Community Node Operators
- Decentralized Node Protocol (DNP) which pays ethoFS nodes without a centralized operator
- Decentralized governance structure with multiple, loosely connected teams with elected council members controlling dev funds and public representation
- No single entity with control to any important function of the project

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Why choose us:

100% Immutability Guarantee

ethoFS is 100% immutable. The only time your content is removed is when your hosting contract expires. You are responsible for the content uploaded to the ethoFS network. Node operators may choose to blacklist your content if it's not desirable in their hosting jurisdiction.

Safe and Secure

No one can access your ethoFS account as it is linked to your ETHO wallet's private key. The only way a person can access your uploaded data is if you provide them with your unique ethoFS link.

Dedicated Community Support

The Ether-1 Teams and community are extremely active and able to provide support around the clock. Even when there are no team members available, there is always a community member happy to help!

Meet the Official Ether-1 team:

The team is constantly growing and changing - Here you can see basic information about the current Ether-1 governance team

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